Our involvement in Inchanga is growing to a substantial size and as we’ve become more involved it seems that more and more people are coming on board.

We have now acquired two plots of land. One has been set aside for the building of a creche, so that the one hundred and forty five children listed to Sebenzile can finally move out of her tiny house and into a proper school environment. The is is destined to become a recreational centre where our children that we sponsor music bursaries to can have an area to practice every day, as this is a big problem. Not only will it be a music practice area but also an area for children from around the community to come straight after school to complete homework, relax and have a haven away from walking the streets for the afternoon.

Paw-Paw Foundation Choir

In May we held a concert in partnership with the Durban Music School where our young choir performed in front of over seven hundred people at the Playhouse.

They were very well received and besides being completely star-struck held their performance together. The majority of the children, ranging from ages five to fifteen, had not even been to Durban before so the bright lights of the playhouse really took their breath away.

Our music program is going very well and our young musicians recently completed their first exams with the majority receiving excellent grades. We are sorry to say, however, that from the initial group of twenty, after two weeks we had to substitute to places as two young girls had died within that period. This, unfortunately, is a facet of every day life for these young people. 

Building projects

We recently bought a brick-making machine so that we can start to manufacture our own bricks for the building of our creche and recreational centre. This will save a lot of money in the long term as well as help to raise some capital for our centre as Musa, Sebenzile’s husband, will begin to manufacture bricks and sell them at a profit.

Two young woman from Pinetown heard about this project and have promised to donate computers and time in terms of computer literacy classes as soon as a computer room is erected. Due to this promise the Paw-Paw Foundation will be taking a team of people up within the next few weeks where we will help with the building of this room  which is destined to be on Sebenzile’s doorstep, literally!

Many interesting and exciting new projects are starting to take place and seem to be culminating all at once.    Two weeks ago a woman gave Sebenzile a visit and told her that she had another plot of land to give her as she could see how Sebenzile was in need. This is the second time this has happened. The Paw-Paw Foundation is very happy that we can be a part of these new beginnings.


Our Work In Inchanga