How can you help?


Your good deeds will be rewarded. This is a tenet of many religions and one the tax-man has taken on board. Donations made to non-profit organisations - public-benefit organisations, as they are referred to by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) - are tax-deductible. SARS describes these donations from which the donor receives no direct benefit, that are made unconditionally and are not demanded back.

These donations are limited to an amount not exceeding 10% of your taxable income after all other rebates (such as retirement annuities, pension contributions, etc.) have been deducted.

Organisations that are approved in terms of sections 30 and 18(a) of the income Tax Act no 58 of 1962. The organisations must be able to provide a letter from SARS to verify they have been approved in terms of the Income Tax Act and by SARS.

It would be  most appreciated if you would kindly consider making a monthly donation to the Paw-Paw Foundation. This would enable you to claim a tax benefit from SARS and also enable us to expand our programs and projects and in turn, make sustainable commitments to those we support (it’s called Passing on a Blessing).

We would also appreciate donations of food, toys, clothes, stationary, blankets, toiletries, teaching aids and shoes and the like.

Bank Account Details:

  1. Account Name: Paw-Paw Foundation.

  2. ABSA Bank Umhlanga

  3. Account Number:      9212965968

  4. Savings Account.

In Appreciation

A word of thanks to  FRONTLINE UNDERWRITING MANAGERS (Pty) Ltd. for their constant and dedicated support.

Organisations we support financially  on a monthly basis:

  1. Udobo Ed-U Foundation

  2. Vumelani Abantwana (Mozambique)

  3. Thembiso Embo Community Project

  4. Survivors Helping Hands

  5. Vukukhanye: Save a Child

  6. Higher Ground

  7. Turn the Tide 4 Children

  8. Couga Door of Hope

  9. Active Save: Alzheimers Association

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no person can

sincerely try to help another without helping themselves." - Ralph Waldo Emerson