About Us:

We support over ten charities and orphanages in and around Kwazulu Natal, Mozambique and various other areas of South Africa.

We have a feeding scheme called the Ziphakele Gardens that we have set up in Cape Town, Durban, Inchanga and Lesotho.

We focus on an assortment of self-help projects in order to maintain long term self-sustainment for disadvantaged people.

Ziphakele Gardens

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A note from our CEO

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A Note from our Chairman

We are a Non-Profit Organization that works towards helping those that help others.


The Paw-Paw Foundation aims to be the financial support for projects, charities and initiatives, that focus on the underprivileged and disadvantaged and bettering the lives of others.

Contact us at pawpaw_1@frontlineum.co.za mailto:pawpaw_1@frontlineum.co.zashapeimage_2_link_0

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